Pink looks like she’s ready to pop! The pregnant songstress, whose real name is Alecia Moore, is expecting her first child with on-again-off-again husband Carey Hard—well, they’re on again, obviously! The tabloids are speculating that the mom-to-be — who is behind such hits as “You Make Me Sick,” “Stupid Girls,” and “So What”– will be going in to labor any day now. Pink updated her Twitter account on April 26 by tweeting, “My shoes broke in the grocery store!!! Ever seen a big pregnant woman try to bend over and pick up her shoes?!?” Those crazy pregnancy hormones are apparently in full swing, too, because on May 2 she tweeted “love getting an attitude over the phone first thing in the morning… just makes you feel so yummy inside #killkillkill”

Aww, moms around the world can probably empathize with Pink. Besides, soon enough that little bundle of joy will be nestled inside Pink’s arms, making her forget all about broken shoes and rude phone calls. She’s recently been seen hitting the shops in Santa Monica, CA with Carey. Baby onesies? Blankies? Stuffed animals? One thing’s for sure, based on this hot Mama’s fashion sense, Baby Pink is sure to look like a superstar from the get-go. Pink’s gorgeous oversized Gucci sunglasses are available in violet and white.

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