The opening weekend of The Avengers set a record of $207 million in earnings, which sets the starring actors into a whole new price-range. Scarlett Johansson, or the movie’s Black Widow, exchanged her usual retro-inspired, feminine looks to put on a catsuit for this role. “When you have two guns strapped to the side of you and the gloves on, you feel a little like a badass. It changes the way you move, the way you stand,” she told the press. But it’s not easy to slip on the cat suit when you’re naturally curvy like Scarlett is. With a personal trainer, she did 90 minutes circuit workouts several times a week, combined with an almost vegan diet, which helped her set the mood for her super-active role as the Black Widow. “I’ve realized through this process that no matter how busy my life may be, I feel better when I take a little time to focus on staying active,” she writes on a blog, “We can all pledge to have healthy bodies no matter how diverse our lifestyles may be.” The successful superhero movie is already confirmed to have a sequel coming up, so Scarlet will surely keep in shape. And as much as we like seeing her in that tight catsuit, we also love her in vintage style outfits, with those sexy, exaggerated cat-eye sunglasses.

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