The 50 year old Tom Cruise had a bit of a break after his wedding to Katie Holmes and the birth of their daughter Suri, but it seems like he’s now back on track. The actor now has the privilege of raising the image and budget of any movie he plays in, like in the case of this year’s releases Rock of Ages and One Shot. But there are many more projects in progress with Tom: he’s filming Oblivion, he’s in post-production with All You Need Is Kill, and he’s been announced to be part of Van Helsing, Mission:Impossible 5, and Top Gun 2. More than that, it has recently been announced that Tom Cruise will be the star of The Magnificent Seven, a remake of a classic 1960s western that, among others, featured Steve McQueen. Coincidence or not, Tom Cruise is wearing a pair of Persol sunglasses, not those that McQueen made famous, but quite a similar design.

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