Dolce & Gabbana 3041 Sunglasses Photograph


The thing about musicians today is that you cannot just be talented anymore, you also need a stage persona, you need to be surprising at all times and dress shockingly. Nicki Minaj has no problem with that – she will mix animal print rubber boots with hot pink leather, aviator sunglasses and an oversized hat, and she will act so natural that you won’t doubt she feels great. But more than being just an act, Minaj is also a fighter. The recent death of Yvette Wilson, “Moesha” star, after years of cervical cancer, got Minaj into long Twitter discussions about healthcare. She even tried to reach Obama, stating that free healthcare should be guaranteed for all Americans. The fans suggested she use her Twitter power to raise awareness on the matter – and that’s something she could really do, with over 13 million followers to date.

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