See the video and read about how the rapper reacted.

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What, is Nicki Minaj engaged? Well, not exactly. But she could be, if she wanted to. Apparently, We The Best CEO DJ Khaled is ready to settle down, and he chose no other than the quirky rapper to be his bride. And he wasn't gonna do it the ol' regular day, getting down on one knee and whatnot. He made it special, for the whole world to see: in an MTV video. The ring? Reportedly worth $500,000. So what do you say, Nicki?

Nicki Minaj DJ Khaled

Nicki Minaj and DJ Khaled pose together in June, at the filming of the music video for”Twerk It”. Image c/o

It's tough to believe she will say yes, especially since they're not even dating. So what did she do? She just retweeted the video with no further reply. Poor Khaled, he can't even tell if that's a yes or a no! With his new record coming up in September, this could just as well be a publicity stunt – the story is trending on Twitter, so…

Nicki Minaj Marc Jacobs sunglasses

Nicki Minaj in a sexy outfit that would make DJ Khaled crazy: deep cleavage, sheer panels and Marc Jacobs sunglasses. Image c/o

Get the look: Marc Jacobs 455/s sunglasses ($334).