Nicki Minaj showed up at the event in an opulent car.

Nicki Minaj Lamborghini

Nicki Minaj arrives at her Kmart launch in a pink Lamborghini. Image c/o Getty Images

Nicki Minaj was never one for subtlety: in her music, fashion style and everything else, the rapper likes to make things visible. For the launch of her Kmart line, the 30 year old made quite an appearance: she wore Chanel and Giuseppe Zanotti shoes (that is, black tights, a blue blazer barely buttoned over her bare chest, and plenty of necklaces). To top it off, she arrived in a pink Lamborghini car that seemed worthy of a sci-fi Barbie, and which is valued at $400,000.

If you're not really buying the whole celebrity-turned-designer thing, don't worry about it. Nicki thinks it's “understandable”. However, the American Idol judge insists that this is not the case here, saying that she's just making clothes that she herself would like to wear. If we have a look at the new Kmart line, that would be embellished caps, keyhole dresses, printed leggings, bandage skirts, bomber jackets, animal print bags, chunky jewelry and even faux fur trapper hats (everything under $38). No sign of the animal print nipple pasties she joked about on Instagram just a few days ago, when she posted a few topless pictures!

Nicki Minaj sunglasses

Nicki Minaj on the panel of American Idol. Image c/o Fox

Too bad there were no sunglasses in Nicki's new collection! We were pretty curious to see what she would've come up with – something funky and hard to wear, probably! The rapper is known for her super-colorful outfits and unusual frames.