The Woody Allen movie was screened on July 22nd.

Cate Blanchett & Cuba Gooding Jr.

Main actress Cate Blanchett snapped a picture with Cuba Gooding Jr. at the New York premiere of Blue Jasmine. Image c/o Getty Images

The Museum of Modern Art hosted the premiere of Woody Allen's latest movie, Blue Jasmine. The new production was apparently compared to A Streetcar Named Desire by many, but the main actress, Cate Blanchett, says the director's signature style is very clear. Unfortunately, Allen couldn't make it to the New York premiere, as he was already filming his next flick out in France. That left us plenty of time to enjoy the stars' outfits, including Blanchett's, who wore a blush gown designed by Balenciaga.Edition. Other celebrities present were visibly impressed by Blanchett as an actress and a person, as well as by her performance in the film. Also part of the cast was Alec Baldwin, who came to the event with his wife, Hilaria, who is soon to have her first child, a baby girl.

Alec Baldwin & Hilaria

Alec Balwin was accompanied to the premiere by pregnant wife, Hilaria. Image c/o

Amy Poehler & Louis CK

Comedians Amy Poehler & Louis CK both attended the premiere of Woody Allen's movie. CK has a cameo role in Blue Jasmine. Image c/o

Our favorite appearances, however, were the stylish Solange Knowles and Zosia Mamet. The former looked interesting in head to toe Prada, while the latter picked a little while dress and Emporio Armani heels. Who was your favorite?

Solange Knowles & harley Viera Newton

Solange Knowles & Harley Viera-Newton pose at the New York premiere of Blue Jasmine. Image c/o

Zosia Mamet Blue Jasmine

Zosia Mamet in Emporio Armani heels. Image c/o getty images

Just days after the event, Cate & co. flew to LA for another premiere. This time, the actress picked a black and white Alexander McQueen number, which looked equally stunning. Watch the Blue Jasmine trailer below:

[youtube id=”FER3C394aI8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]