At its second season, The Glee Project will now benefit from the guest appearance of the amazingly talented Chris Colfer. The season finale airs tonight, and Colfer is the one who mentored finalists Aylin Bayramoglu, Ali Stroker and Blake Jenner. “I was honored and surprised that they chose me to do the finale. It’s so funny because all the contestants are either my age or older than me, so I really told myself when I go in there I’m not going to try to give them any advice because I’m sure the last thing they want to hear is advice from someone younger or their age. I’m just going to go in and tell them to do their own thing and figure it out along their way in their own careers,” he told E! He also mentioned that he’s super excited by the guest appearance Sarah Jessica Parker will be having on Glee, and that he’s looking forward to working with one of his idols. The picture above, with Colfer wearing Persol sunglasses, is actually from the set of the show, just a sneak peek at the new season. Between filming and vacationing, 22 year old Colfer launched a children’s book recently, “The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell,” which was a great hit, and he’s about to launch another book in November – this time, a young adult novel, “Struck By Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal,” based on a movie that he wrote and starred in. He described the book as “a story about adolescence, told through the eyes of a teenager, for other teenagers.”

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