While Justin Timberlake is out in Puerto Rico, filming his new movie Runner Runner, his fiancee Jessica Biel decided to pay him a visit. The actress looked cute and happy coming back from her trip, so we can only assume she had a pleasant stay at Timberlake’s. No stranger to demanding parts, the actress tells the press: “I love anything fried. I trained for months for Total Recall, ate really healthily and didn’t drink alcohol. When it was over I ate a big bucket of fried chicken.” However, she admits that she feels pressure to stay beautiful and fit, especially with Hollywood’s high standards and competition. Yoga is her best friend in this respect, as she uses it to unwind after a week’s work. If you miss Biel’s pretty face, you can see her in “The Tall Man”, a dramatic movie about a whole generation of kids disappearing from a city, every parent’s nightmare. “Biel, an underrated actress, is perfect for the part, both emotionally and physically,” according to

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