The Saturdays’ Mollie King is crazy about her Persol sunglasses: she’s been wearing them on and on, with several looks in the past few months. The singer recently revealed that she never drinks, and has never been drunk. What a hangover feels like is still a mystery for the 25-year old! Isn’t that model behavior, especially coming from a celebrity? However, King has had her fair share of breaking hearts – her ex-boyfriend Andy Brown of Lawson wrote his latest song, Standing in the Dark, when he realized King had a new boyfriend: “I’m standing in the dark, she’s dancing on the table / Looking through the glass, she’s someone else’s angel / It may sound stupid that I’m wanting you back, but I’m wanting you back,” go the lyrics of the song. The singer also had a relation with Prince Harry, but when asked by Hollyscoop if she’s be interested in Robert Pattinson, she replied that he’s way out of her league! Aww, you cute, modest little thing!

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