At 38, Eva Mendes is one of the most desirable woman in Hollywood. The actress’ relationship with Ryan Gossling is so hunted by the press, that the two have decided to move away from L.A. to escape the unwanted attention of the paparazzi. Apparently, the two are thinking about Miami, because they’re feeling “trapped” in Hollywood. Mendes and Gossling have been dating for a year now, after meeting on the set of The Place Behind the Pines, and they both share fond memories of Miami, which is why they’re considering it. More than that, they want to start fresh. Mendes is keeping busy with all sorts of projects: she’s on the cover of Glamour France this November, and is part of the cast in a new TV comedy, “Clear History”, together with Kate Hudson, John Hamm and Michael Keaton, as well as Larry David. For the film, Mendes dons super curly hair, a huge chance compared to the luscious hair from her Glamour cover. Here she is in her everyday life, wearing rectangular shaped tortoise Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses.

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