The latest news is that Jennifer Lopez was performing some complex dance moves when she had a nip slip in a concert in Italy. None of her fans seemed to mind, though, as no one in their right mind would. This is her second wardrobe malfunction in one week, in the same spandex cat suit that she uses for most shows. Maybe it’s time to let it go, Jenny? And another thing she should probably let go of, is her relationship with ex-fiance Ben Affleck! The “Argo” actor revealed that he keeps in touch with the latina, since the two were once an item (“Bennifer”, to be more specific). “We don’t have the kind of relationship where she relies on me for advice, but we do have the kind of relationship where there’ll be an e-mail saying, ‘Oh, your movie looks great.,’” he said. We wonder what Jennifer Garner and Casper Smart feel about that?

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