Boho chic icon and recent mother, Sienna Miller looks like she hasn’t even been through a pregnancy! Her daugther Marlowe was born in July and the fresh mom looks great, but apparently Miller did put a little effort into her post-pregnancy look. Sources say that: “After a few weeks, she wanted to get back to her old self and booked in a hair appointment and spa day. She knows fad diets don’t really work and it’s just about eating healthily and watching her calorie intake, so she’s been keeping carbs to a minimum and trying not to snack at all.” Although the actress would not yet be comfortable wearing a bikini, she’s getting there! Besides her role as a mother, Miller hasn’t neglected her acting. She’s channeling a Hitchock muse in HBO’s “The Girl”: ” “The biggest challenge was emulating the grace she had,” Miller says. “I spent a lot of time working on that. She had this incredible mix of austerity and warmth. It was daunting trying to get that right.” Miller is also the star of a short film, together with Poppy Delevingne and Valentine Fillol-Cordier, which is meant to celebrate Matthew Williamson’s birthday and his 15 years in the fashion industry. The film was accompanied by a capsule collection of dresses.

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