The O.C. star, Mischa Barton, has been through a lot in the past years (including weight gain and subsequent bitching from the press), but now she seems to have it all together again. The blonde actress was seen at the Melbourne Cup as a guest of the Victoria Racing Club and Emirates Airlines, where she rocked not one, but two amazing hats on the same day. It’s more laid back than I thought it would be,’ Barton reported. ‘England is quite a big production. This experience has been generally pretty laid back … everyone wants to have fun and have a nice day.’ The 26 year old, who is UK born, is currently dating actor Sebastian Knapp, after swearing off men just a while back, and they seem to be going great – he supports her career and endeavors. Moreover, Barton looks just stunning on the cover of Volt Magazine, in a black and white shooting that shows off her flawless features. The magazine appearance marks the debut of a Irish stage version of Steel Magnolias, starring Mischa Barton.

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