Michelle Williams and Jason Segal confirmed that they moved in together at the end of October! We love it when cute Hollywood peeps find each other and fall in love, so this comes as great news! The Dawson’s Creek actress and the Freaks and Geeks star moved into an apartment in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and are keeping things low profile. The blond actress took her daughter, Matilda, and moved from the house they once shared with the girl’s father, actor Heath Ledger, who died on a prescription drugs overdose in 2008. Before making their relationship public in March, Segal told the press: “I don’t want to have a girlfriend for the sake of having a girlfriend. I have no desire to pick a random girl. I want the right girl.” Unfortunately, just months after their move, Hurricane Sandy came, and the building is not in its best state. The couple are unharmed, though, according to some friends.

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