Dianna Agron

Photo: wetpaint.com

“Some people think I’m all song and dance. Truth be told, I’m into everything artistic. There’s inspiration everywhere. Like… this piece of apple pie, it’s an abstract piece of dessert art. My name is Diana Agron and I’m not a gamer. With my 3 DS, I’m an artist.” This is how Dianna Agron’s latest gig goes, a series of ad campaigns for Nintendo 3 DS. The Glee actress is slowly growing from her part as Quinn Fabray. While she does make an appearance in the Thanksgiving special on Fox TV, the blonde is currently working on a motion picture, Malavita, which is currently in post-production and will be released on October 18th of 2013. Agron is lucky enough to have worked with Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones and Michelle Pfeiffer, so it’s safe to say that she had the masters to learn from. We’re really curious if the 26 year old will stick with her teenage parts as in Glee, or will move on to more mature roles, as expected from someone her age. Pictured here at a Persol event, the actress is wearing… Persol sunglasses, what else, with a LBD and black sweater.

Get Dianna’s look: Persol PO 3028, $280.