Lady Gaga


The often outrageous singer, Lady Gaga, toned down to visit a primary school in South Africa. The singer picked a modest dress that is very unlike her stage outfits to meet her young fans and find out about the issues of the area. “Johannesburg was so wonderful, I can’t really put it into words. I am so happy, I haven’t slept yet. Laying in bed dreaming of the next tour,” she tweeted afterwards. Gaga also took the time for a safari and appeared very excited about the wildlife. Her photo captions included things like: “in this photo I’m about 10 feet from 13 lions, 2 cubs. I spent about 30 minutes w them and took a nap!” or “the lion pride even woke up at one point and let us come closer :)”. When she’s not in Africa, the “Born This Way” singer finds the time for collector’s items, such as Michael Jackson memorabilia. The 26 year old participated in a recent auction and snagged 55 costumes of the late pop king. She announced that she plans on keeping the items “archived and expertly cared for in the spirit and love of Michael Jackson, his bravery and fans worldwide.” Pictured here in one of her own famous outfits, Lady Gaga is wearing a cocktails dress with a baseball cap and Prada sunglasses of the Minimal Baroque collection from 2011.

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