Photo: coolspotters.com

We’re used to seeing Jennifer Lawrence in her sporty gear: tights, tank top and Burberry sunglasses, as pictured above. However, the actress will sometimes go over the top to amaze the crowd – and we’re not talking Hunger Games style. Lawrence was seen meeting some friends at the Chateau Marmont Hotel, wearing a weirdly asymmetrical spandex dress with a black and white fur coat on top, oxfords and heavy make-up – weird choice, if you ask us! Lawrence probably doesn’t even care, because she often thinks of her fame as a burden: “I call my mom sobbing all the time … dealing with the repercussions of having no more anonymity. You lose privacy. As much as this is a curse, as stupid as it sounds, to make as much money as I am by doing something that I love, it’s hard not to regret it when you’re being chased by 15 strangers,” the actress told Vanity Fair.

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