Lena Dunham

Photo: zimbio.com

In embellished cat eye sunglasses and a leather jacket, Lena Dunham looks like a total bad ass, on the cover of L Magazine. More recently, the Girls actress was featured in V Magazine, photographed by Terry Richardson in a bodysuit and a red coat. She revealed a few things for the magazine, such as her love for Taylor Swift (“I am a really big fan. She started following me and here’s how you find out Taylor Swift is following you. You start hearing it form all these insane Taylor Swift fans that are like ‘Taylor Swift loves you, so I love you’. Si I just sent her a message and was like ‘I want you to know that my albums have gotten me through very hard times.’ When I tweeted that her new album was amazing, every one of my followers was like ‘I hope that you’re joking!’ But I have no interest in liking anything ironically. If I wanted to be ironic, I’d grow a mustache”) or the small price she paid for her current apartment  (“430 000 dollars. It was my proudest New York Real Estate moment”). The new (second) season of Girls premiers on January 13th, to the joy of all its fans.

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