Rooney Mara in sunglasses


Rooney Mara carries her dog while wearing a denim biker jacket and a pair of print temple sunglasses. The gorgeous actress covers Interview magazine in March, in a dramatic photo shoot that makes us think of Interview With a Vampire. We’ve seen plenty of her naked body in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, but what are her thoughts on nudity? “I certainly don’t want to be involved in anything that is gratuitous, but I don’t think the human body is something to be ashamed of. Every other person on the planet has the same parts as I do. So seeing them shouldn’t be a huge shock to most people.” As for thoughts of death, Mara only has one issue on her mind: the movie – ““Sometimes I think about that—like, ‘Okay, if I died right now, would they have to reshoot the whole film? Or would they be able to edit around it.’ Then I think through the scenes that are left to shoot, and weigh if they would be able to finish it or not.”

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