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Russell Brand gold sunglasses

Russell Brand looks cool in his gold aviator sunglasses. Image c/o

Russell Brand shows us what it means to be cool in his red V-neck sweater and leather jacket, his signature long hair and messy beard, as well as a pair of hip gold sunglasses in aviator style, with a cutout at the nose bridge. The actor seems to be all about lessons these days, as a segment on MSNBC turned into a very funny one for watchers. In just a few hours, the “Morning Joe” video went viral, showing Brand standing up for himself and subtly mocking the TV hosts.

The actor was invited on the show to promote his new comedy tour, Messiah Complex. The host (Mika Brzezinski) introduced him as allegedly “a really big deal”, saying that she doesn't know anything about pop culture (really?). Another host (Brian Shactman) says he can't understand his British accent on his radio show. Soon, Brand takes over the show, making jokes about employees in the studio “facebooking” during the show, and then going on to a more serious topic. Asked whether he prefers TV, theater or stand-up, the 28 year old starts talking about the media and how it distorts the truth whenever given the chance. Brand says he's rather be in direct contact with his audience, to avoid his words being misinterpreted in any way. The discussion moves quickly to the three hosts speaking about Brand as if he weren't there, which he found utterly impolite.

Watch for yourselves below:

[youtube id=”ADJhErmJuoQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]