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The actress punched boyfriend Evan Peters and was subsequently arrested on July 7.

emma  roberts evan peters

Emma Roberts & Even Peters are not always having as much fun as here. Image c/o

And here we thought Emma Roberts was a sweetie who couldn’t hurt a fly! But, of course, who really knows what’s going on in a couple? Apparently, the couple got into a fight in their hotel room in Montreal, during which Peters got a bloody nose and a bite mark. The neighbors called the cops, who immediately arrested the 22 year old actress. Since long-time boyfriend Peters didn’t press any charges, she was released on the same day.

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Emma Roberts in Versace sunglasses. Image c/o

According to TMZ, the two were in a fight were both of them hurt the other, but Roberts was arrested because Peters had visible injuries. Once the whole story came to the attention of the public, the couple released a statement: “It was an unfortunate incident and misunderstanding. Ms. Roberts was released after questioning and the couple are working together to move past it.”

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Emma Roberts & Evan Peters make up after news of the actress’ arrest emerged. Image c/o

After news of the conflict came out, the couple have been seen together, Emma crying and looking for comfort, while Evan offering that very comfort. It’s not certain that this have to do with their big fight, but it surely comes very soon after it. The pictures also show that the two have no intention of breaking up. Some sources told US Magazine that their relation is usually “extreme” and “passionate,” while also naming them “inseparable”. The two, who have been in the public eye ever since they started dating in spring 2012, are still “crazy in love”, despite the fight. We hope this is the last time we hear of something like this from their part!