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The actress will star in the new TV show “How I Met Your Dad”.

Greta Gerwig poses in oversized sunglasses.

Greta Gerwig poses in oversized sunglasses. Image via Papermag

Just when we thought we were finally at the end point of How I Met Your Mother, the finale of which airs in March, we find out there’s gonna be a spinoff: How I Met Your Dad. Apparently, the new CBS show features five new characters that happen to be very similar to the initial New York-based group. If many though HIMYM was a Friends ripoff when it first started, it’s now safe to say that the legacy goes on. Sally is the new Ted Mosby, and she’s described as a “female Peter Pan” with lots of growing up to do. She’s divorced, she’s the narrator, and she’s played (at least in the pilot) by Greta Gerwig.

The problem with the casting of the indie actress is that many think she “sold out”. Being on mainstream television, in a show that is bound to make some money, made many of her friends think the Frances Ha actress will never be the same again. Gerwig will also act as a producer, which makes us think maybe it won’t all be that HIMYM-y, and more like HBO’s Girls (by the way, Gerwig and Lena Dunham are friends). Even though it’s not certain that the whole show will happen and no other casting plans have been revealed, the pilot it known to be filmed in LA – despite the action taking place in New York.

Greta Gerwig in ivory sunglasses at the Venice Film Festival in 2011

Greta Gerwig in ivory sunglasses at the Venice Film Festival in 2011. Image via StyleBistro

Besides Greta’s character, we have her best friend, Juliet, who is sort of a fashion-blogging Barney, who’s happy Sally ended things up with her ex-husband. Then there’s the equivalent of Marshall and Lily, Danny and Todd, the former being Sally’s gay brother and the latter his husband. Finally there’s Frank, aka Robin, the hot nerdy IT guy who has a thing for Sally.

The show is written by the creative duo behind HIMYM (Carter Bays and Craig Thomas) together with Up All Night‘s Emily Spivey.

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