5 pairs of sunglasses for Cinco de Mayo

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Are you ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo? In between all the tacos and the guacamole, don’t forget about sun protection: sunscreen and sunglasses! Make the latter cool and colorful as can be, inspired by Mexican culture:


1. The celebration of Cinco de Mayo wouldn’t be complete without wild, brightly colored flowers everywhere! So it’s safe to wear them on your sunglasses these days! The floral Kate Spade sunglasses are an excellent choice that you’ll wear again and again, not just today.

vans2. These Vans sunglasses are inspired by Mexican blankets, with the arms covered in colorful stripes. The front, however, is simple, in Wayfarer style. The sunglasses are a best seller of the brand and have been launched in 2011.


3. The pinata inspired sunglasses by A.J. Morgan feature a fun, cat eye shape that’s printed in the Mexican motifs we all know and love. The bright colors are perfect for the beginning of summer!


4. It may be too hot for a poncho, but it’s just the right weather for these striped Candies sunglasses! They’re easy to wear and fun, just like you’d want on a special day like this.


5. Just because you’re partying, doesn’t mean you should give up on sophistication! These Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses are elegant and chic, but they’re equally fun and eye-catching.


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