Scarlett Johansson’s ex husband, Ryan Reynolds, whom she divorced in 2011, has recently tied the knot again, this time with Gossip Girl blondie Blake Lively. For Hollywood, that’s not even an unexpected turn of events, but the thing is that Johansson is left with a bitter taste. Were Reynolds and Lively dating when she was still married to him? Johansson seems to think so, because their marriage started falling apart when the current newly weds started filming together. Sources tell the press: “Scarlett thinks that Blake is a total phony and a complete fame monster. Scarlett also considers Blake to be a cheap version of herself. They’ve actually auditioned for the same roles a few times and Blake has always lost out.” Oh, well! Johansson now has a chance of reliving the past, but now her own: the actress has joined Jessica Biel on the cast of Hitchcock, as one the film’s leading ladies, Janet Leigh. The movie will be released on November 23 in theaters.

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