Would you rather: Zac Efron vs. Jay-Z in Persol sunglasses
The famous rapper and the young actor have at least one thing in common: their choice of eyewear. Both Jay-Z and Zac Efron are declared fans of the renown Persol sunglasses, and each one wears them on various occasions. The Paperboy Efron wore his round, keyhole sunglasses with a gray hoodie over a V-neck white T-shirt, and with a single strap backpack, while Beyonce‘s husband opted for a graphic t-shirt and camouflage pants. A look to get the best of both worlds would include a graphic t-shirt with a hoodie on top, a backpack and cool sneakers. Who do you think wore it best? Was it the former High School Musical star, who’s got Vanessa Hudgens sighing over him, or was it Blue Ivy’s father, who just lost the bid to trademark the name of his newborn daughter? Whoever you like more, here is where you can get their sunglasses:
Persol PO0649 sunglasses, $280 + free shipping.