See the most surprising  and recent hair makeovers:

Kate Nash hair

Kate Nash changed her hair and the style of her music. Before pic c/o After pic c/o

10. Kate Nash. The indie singer went from long, natural curls and bangs to something way edgier: short bangs, bleached weaves, dark hair and rolls. She celebrated her new album, Girl Talk, and a new musical style with this look.

Emma Stone hair

Emma Stone turned from blond to redhead. Before pic c/o After pic c/o Rex Features

9. Emma Stone. Although the actress is a natural blond, she's expressed a preference for red hair many times. Last month, she cut it in a bob with long bangs, dyed it a natural red and let it curl.

Anne Hathaway hair

Anne Hathaway has been changing hair colors lately. Before pic c/o After pic c/o

8. Anne Hathaway. The actress chopped off her long locks for the role in Les Miserables (she also lost quite a few pounds), and then she bleached it for the Met Ball 2013, an event which had a punk theme. Since then, the actress has gone back… to black.

Leighton Meester hair

Leighton Meester cut her hair in a bob last year. Before pic c/o After pic c/o etcfashion

7. Leighton Meester. Gossip Girl had barely finished when Leighton Meester decided to let go of her long hair. She kept the color, but opted for a bob instead.

Taylor Swift hair

Taylor Swift went from cute to hot as fast as you can say “cut”. Before pic c/o After pic c/o

6. Taylor Swift. She was all curls and sweetness, but as she grew up, so did her style. The singer cut her bangs and straightened her hair for a mature, sexy look.

Miley Cyrus hair

Miley Cyrus cut her famous bun a year ago. Before pic c/o Chris McMillan Instagram. After pic c/o “We Can't Stop” music video.

5. Miley Cyrus. Her bun was getting some fame of itself, even having a Twitter account. The singer chopped it off last August, in favor of an edgy short cut. Recently, she revealed her beautiful Hannah Montana hair was actually made of 350 extensions.

lady gaga hair

Lady Gaga is no stranger to hair makeovers. Before & after pics c/o

4. Lady Gaga. Although she's been through many hairstyles, the singer amazed her fans once again. This time, she shaved a V on the back of her neck, to show off her new tattoo.

Jessie J hair

Jessie J left no hair behind when she chopped it off this year. Before & after pics c/o

3. Jessie J. Her geometric bob was famous when she switched to long curls and no bangs. Now she's got neither bangs nor any other type of hair, as she's gone completely bald for Comic Relief 2013.

Rihanna hair

Rihanna let go of her long hair in favor of short curls. Before & after pics c/o Rihanna's Instagram

2. Rihanna. Last month she had long hair, now she has it short. A girl who changes her looks quite often, Riri still managed to bring something new: short and curly hair.

Beyonce short hair

Beyonce cut off her blond locks and revealed the result on Instagram. Before and after pics c/o Beyonce's Instagram

1. Beyonce. The latest, and probably most surprising, makeover comes from Beyonce! After finishing her Mrs. Carter tour, the singer took to Instragram to show off her new hair: short and blonde! This just happened today.