What are people wearing to New York Fashion Week?

mirror aviators

Street style look with mirror aviators. Image c/o fashionista.com

Fashion Week is not just about the shows, but also about street style. What people are wearing to the shows is getting almost as much attention that what's on the runway. So let's see what the sunglasses trends are right now.

1. Mirror aviators. Mirror lenses are a hit with fashion show goers, not only because of their high protection, but also because of how cool they look! Aviators in general have an authoritarian sense to them, and the mirror lenses only make them more mysterious. Pictured above, stylist Justine Lee paired hers with a zippered leather skirt, gladiators sandals, a sheer sweater and houndstooth clutch. Perfect for fall!

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cat eye

Street style look from NYFW. Image c/o fashionista.com

2. Cat eyes. The trend that never dies, cat eye sunglasses mix a retro original idea with modern day materials and twists. Ashley Turchin of Anthom, pictured here, is wearing hers casually, with masculine inspired shoes and pants, a botanic print t-shirt and a yellow clutch. Tasteful, and so wearable!

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Street style look from NYFW. Image c/o fashista.com

3. Geometric frames. Angular, geometric sunglasses work especially if you have a round or oval face, creating nice contrast. Shiona Turini of Cosmopolitan picked a straight, havana pair to go with her animal print top, black and white heels and golden accessories. An outfit that will put a smile on your face!

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