The 24 hour video is the first of its kind and very successful.

Pharrell Williams in Chanel sunglasses

Pharrell Williams in Chanel sunglasses. Image via The Neptunes

Do you like Pharrell Williams so much that you want to watch his videos non-stop? That's great, because you can now actually do that. The artist released the first ever 24 hour music video yesterday, and it's not only neverending, but also interactive. The video for “Happy” shows a bunch of different people, from kids to grownups, from celebrities to commoners, dancing and lip-syncing in different parts of LA, at different times of the day or night.

The 40 year old performer was accompanied by Steve Carrell, Jimmy Kimmel, Kelly Osbourne and Magic Johnson, among others, all having fun cameos in the video. You can watch it on 24hoursofhappy, one of the definite hot links of the moment.

pharrell williams

A snapshot from Pharrell's video, “Happy”

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