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Sienna Miller gets our attention with a topless Esquire cover:

The cover of Esquire March 2014.

The cover of Esquire March 2014. Image via Esquire

Ever since the release of her movie GI Jane: The Rise of Cobra, a movie she ended up regretting, Sienna Miller kept it under the radar. “I was in a place of chaos. I was a hamster in one of those balls, running around,” she explains in her Esquire UK interview. However, since meeting Tom Sturridge and having baby Marlowe (1), things have finally settled down for the actress. The two have been dating since 2011, and are currently engaged.

The actress remembers how she first became famous, after her second movie Alfie, which ended in a relationship with Jude Law. “I was a young 21. Not green as grass – I was by no means an innocent – but I had faith in the goodness of everyone. I was very open. And that led me into all sorts of situations that backfired,” she tells the mag. Around that time, Sienna admits she got a reputation as a party girl rather than a legit actress, which interfered with her career. “It had become difficult for me to get the work I wanted, if I’m really honest,” she says, saying that she was known as naughty and very English around Hollywood. More or less willingly, she sabotaged things and burned a lot of bridges.

Sienna Miller poses nude for Esquire UK.

Sienna Miller poses nude for Esquire UK. Image via Esquire

The actress says she needed to get away from Hollywood, which had no sense of private life, so she disappeared. A Broadway play got her back together with Jude Law, which meant closure for the famous couple. They ended up good friends, as Sienna puts it. After many more scandals, Sienna’s life seems to have reached its fairytale finale: “I feel really settled. I have a wonderful life. I’m up every morning with a little baby. That gives you incredible perspective. It’s such a gift. And it’s grounding in a way you can’t describe. And going back to work is really exciting and fun.”

For the Hollywood return, you’ll see Sienna in Foxcatcher sometime this year, but also in Business Trip and A Case of You. The March 2014 edition of Esquire UK hits the newsstands on January 30th.


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