Warning! Contains spoilers.

Jack Huston in matte sunglasses

Jack Huston in matte sunglasses. Image via Solstice

The season finale of Boardwalk Empire ended once again with tragedy galore. Although there was blood everywhere, none was as impressive as Richard Harrow’s (Jack Huston) story. After failing to commit one last sniper job, the character is shot himself and dies under the boardwalk. The 30 year old actor confesses to TV Guide that it was hard to say goodbye to his character, but that he understands it was the right thing to do. “I didn’t object to it in any way. I was very open because I thought this was what had to happen. You do fall in love with these characters, but you also have to realize that beloved characters will always die. I was just very honored that he did it in such a special, heartfelt way,” he told the online magazine in an interview. His death came at a point when all his dreams came true: he was loved, he had a family, and he had honored his friend, Jimmy. The one thing he couldn’t do was to give up being a hit-man. “He saw himself as a beast, but he also wanted love. So, when he was asked to kill again, he did it because he wanted to save Tommy,” Huston adds.

Harrow under the boardwalk

Richard Harrow under the boardwalk. Image via TV Guide

Jack, who is Danny and Angelica Huston‘s nephew, welcomed a baby girl into the world this April. He and girlfriend Shannan Click, former Victoria’s Secret model, named her Sage Lavinia. With his character out from the show, it would seem that Jack now has more time to spend with his daughter. However, he’s currently involved in a a play at Gielgud Theatre in London, Strangers on a Train, an adaptation of the story put on film by Alfred Hitchcock in the 50s. He plays one of the main characters, together with Laurence Fox, to mixed critical reviews.