A fifteen second video went viral this week, showing a passed out Justin Bieber filmed by an unknown woman who blows him a kiss.

[youtube id=”JCpaTwQ8gGM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The video, with more than 25 million hits on YouTube, led people to the conclusion that the woman was a Brazilian prostitute. The singer was in Brazil for a concert, and he rented a house near Rio for his stay. Members of his group told TMZ that the woman who shot the footage isn’t actually a prostitute. They all had a big party at the rented house, and while Justin fell asleep on the couch, one of the attendees filmed him sleeping.

Justin Bieber Brazil

Justin Bieber greets his fans in Brazil. Image via Celebuzz

According to the Daily Mail, the woman in question is a Brazilian model, Tatiana Neves Barbosa. The woman won the 2012 Miss Bikini Wellness pageant, so she’s pretty accustomed to attention. However, it seems that she only sent the video to a friend, without realizing it will be uploaded to the internet. Now, bombarded with questions from the press, she’s trying to keep a low profile to protect herself and her privacy. Justin, on the other hand, deprived of privacy himself, told his friends that he’s disappointed and creeped out by the video.