Of all the smart phones out there to be associated with, it’s probably fair to say that the iPhone is currently the most fashionable.

Perhaps a smart celebrity would try and be associated with an up and coming brand, particularly if he or she is trying to be up and coming – but for the top names, the iPhone is really where it’s at.

Cool Girls ClosetAnd to launch the iPhone 4S, Apple went for Samuel L Jackson and Zooey Deschannel to help demonstrate the celebrated genius of Siri iOS software. Apparently, Deschannel uses Siri to listen to

music on her stereo, whilst Samuel L Jackson uses it to help organise a romantic night for his wife. Or that’s what we’re told anyway. But for all we really know, these celebrities might well be using

their phones to play various mobile casino slot games or whatever.

Various celebrities are known to enjoy playing a little casino whether on the move or not – including actors Ben Affleck, James Woods and others. Every time you see a celeb in a magazine these days;

in addition to the sunglasses, they’re either tapping away on a device (which is almost invariably an iPhone unless they’re getting sponsored by Samsung like Jay Z) or they’re talking into it. It’s a must-have accessory.

And if you play mobile slots, it certainly can help pass the time while on a journey or simply hanging around waiting for something for any reason – and celebs certainly have to do more than their fair share of that!justin-bieber-phone.jpg w=600

But if you’re more of a pin-up fan and you’re mulling over what smartphone Justin Bieber chooses, then simply follow him on Twitter and you’ll quickly see. Bieber has lots of “selfies” on there which quickly reveal that he’s an iPhone 5 man (or should that still be “boy”?). You’ll also be able to see lots of the same images printed off and pinned up to the bedroom walls of teenage girls all over the planet – and there may well be a few up at Apple H.Q.; who knows!?