Whenever you pack your bag to be headed for the beach, you’ve got that feeling you forgot something. And it’s something essential, of course. The one thing you’ll be really sorry you left behind. To prevent that from happening, we put together this handy list of beach basics, things that you always have to take with you, regardless of the trends.

10 beach must haves

1. A carryall beach bag. This has to fit all of your stuff, but you want it to be pretty as well. Our choice: the burlap Billabong tote in sea teal.

2. Sunscreen. You weren’t thinking of going to the beach without it, right? Pick the biggest SPF for the hottest time of the day. Our choice: SPF 70 by Sun Bum.

3. Lip balm. Your lips dry out because of the sun and wind. Get lip balm with SPF to protect them as well as you can. We picked Carmex with SPF 15.

4. Sunglasses. Of course you’re gonna wear sunglasses to the beach! They will look cool and they’re gonna protect your eyes from UV rays. We picked the trendy Marc by Marc Jacobs 262.

5. Flip flops. Yeah, wedges may look cool, but they’re not really that comfortable when combined with sand. Flip flops are, though! We went for polka dot Havaianas.

6. Water. You need hydration! And cocktails just won’t cut it in hot temperatures. Pick water!

7. Swimsuit. Try and find your perfect hit before hitting the beach this year! You’ll look better if you feel comfortable. We liked the J Crew one piece.

8. Magazine. Prevent boredom with a good read. Make it light, like a fashion magazine, you won’t be able to focus on anything fancy with the sun hitting your head.

9. Sunhat. Speaking of the heat on your head, you need a hat! Make it wide, so that it covers your sensitive shoulders as well. Our choice: straw Les Pommettes.

10. Sarong. Make it big and use it to cover up or even to sit on. Our choice is the pink Juicy Couture.

Have fun at the beach!